A Little About Me…

Hi there!! I’ve noticed an uptick in readership and want to welcome you all with a little about me:

I’m an expert in compassionate, conscious leadership.
I’m a corporate facilitator, speaker, author, and coach.
I’m an avid meditator 🧘🏾‍♀️ and a believer in the power of prayer.
I believe in oneness and see race as a social construct, which is the precise reason I 1000% support the Black Lives Matter movement.
If you’re new here know that I mainly share messages on compassionate leadership, mindset mastery, spirituality, and conquering fear to find your shine.
Know also, that in this profound and revolutionary moment in history I’m on a mission educate and empower by sharing content that inspires conscious communication and ACTION to eradicate interpersonal, institutional and systemic racism.
Lastly, I LOVE EMOJIS, can you tell?

I’m so grateful you’re here. I’m here for you. Let’s create a loving world together.

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