SpeechCast Podcast – Skills of Persuasion

If you want to become a great leader or want to improve your leadership skills, check out Dave Aizer’s podcast, SpeechCast. In this episode our very own Compassionate Leadership expert Magalie René was invited to answer these tough questions and share advice on best practices.

On it, we provide answers to common questions such as:

What is a Compassionate Leader and what does one look like?

How does one inspire those they lead?

What are the best methods for listening to what’s being presented to you?

Click the image below to listen!

Here are some tips from the podcast:

“Leadership is a combination of innate skill and learned skill, I believe anyone can learn to be one. Everyone is a leader in their own right; if you’re a parent, an author, etc., you are a leader.”

“I believe connection can be felt through any medium, whether virtual or in person. It’s less about the mechanism and more about your ability to tap into human experience to connect with someone on a deeper level. It comes from being authentic and being able to connect.”

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