AP PRESS RELEASE – Workplace Catalyst Debuts All-New Leadership Miniseries: The C Word

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The C Word Premieres on October 12 during National Emotional Wellness Month

First Episode Reveals How The C Word Supports Leaders to Eliminate Quiet Quitting

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The official trailer for The C-Word, a 10-part career and workplace mini-series about the ten-letter word “compassion,” launched today on the YouTube channel of Workplace Catalyst CEO, Magalie René. Magalie René, author and compassion expert headlines the Leadership Development series which covers compelling reasons to lead with compassion. Episode One, What Compassionate Leadership Isn’t released today, Wednesday, October 12.

The C-Word – compassion – is a critical addition to workflows and management styles now that employee engagement is at a historic low. The C-Word mini-series dives into what the C-word really stands for by dispelling misbeliefs about compassionate leadership, which is not synonymous with accepting mediocrity or giving into entitlement. Employee disengagement is not a new concept and has plagued company cultures for years. The C-Word also shares how to eliminate quiet quitting for both employer and employee.

“Leaders who want to take their work culture to the next level will want to embrace the C-Word, because the future of work is compassionate,” said René of the 10-letter leadership trait that viewers will explore in each of the ten episodes. “I’m excited about launching The C-Word because its content empowers leaders to take an honest look at how their leadership style may be impacting the work environment, and it illustrates the ‘win-win’ of compassionate leadership – for both the company and employees.”

Compassionate Leadership is a surefire way to eliminate quiet quitting and facilitate healthy conversations. This necessary leadership lifestyle mutually benefits both managers and employees and incorporating lessons from The C-Word into workflows and frameworks will change the future of the workforce.

Episodes will be published weekly on Wednesdays, starting with Episode One launching today, October 12.

About Workplace Catalyst:

Workplace Catalyst helps vision-driven companies bridge Compassionate Leadership, Well-being, and Belonging through well-crafted programs and facilitated sessions. For more information, visit magalierene.com/workplacecatalyst.

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