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Why Having Compassion in Your Leadership Matters

‘Leading with compassion’ can be a loaded term for some, but can you bypass that to still provide a work environment that upholds the tenets of Compassionate Leadership? What is possible in your leadership – for you and your company – when you show up in a way that supports your team? I had the wonderful pleasure of speaking with Heather Young of So She Slays on their podcast about how you need both compassion and leadership to succeed, and what exactly is the “glass cliff?”

How Boundaries Are Essential to Effective Leadership

Leading with compassion doesn’t mean you let things slide. Effective leadership is strongest when we are maintaining our boundaries in the workplace. Knowing those boundaries are critical – to the company as well as to our own wellbeing – is essential to sustaining successful relationships and results.

So What is a ‘Glass Cliff’, Anyway?

Spoiler alert 🚨 – I bet you can name a few people who have already encountered this cliff!

If you aren’t familiar with this term, you may not realize how you may have already been impacted by this phenomenon in the workplace. In this discussion, not only do I describe in detail what the ‘glass cliff’ is, I offer a balanced perspective on how to use this potential pitfall to your benefit – or at the very least have your eyes open when you’re choosing roles that could have you up against the cliff.

A highlight from the podcast:

[On the ‘glass cliff’:] “You need to know what is it that you need in order to do the role effectively. You’ve got to assess what you need to do the role effectively, and those needs can be multi-faceted. There are tangibles and intangibles. So what are you going to need in terms of your own wellbeing? What are you going to need in terms of salary? What are you going to need in terms of partnership with certain teams? …and can this company provide those things?”

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