10 Tools To Boost Your Self Worth

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Somewhere inside you know your ideas have merit, you know you're whip-smart, you know your voice and opinions matters.  But, for one reason or another, you don't truly believe it. That lack of belief in yourself results in a cycle of seeking validation and approval from others in order to make up for nagging thoughts like "you're not doing it right", "you're not as good as...", "you don't have it together" - feel free to add your own flavor of self-doubt to the list.  

It all comes down to one thing: you are suffering from a lack of self-worth and the symptoms are pervasive. 

Your Lack of Self Worth Is Causing You To:

  • Undermine your leadership abilities by reinforcing uncertainty (about your words and your actions) causing your brand, business, and career growth to suffer.  

  • Feel bad about yourself, also referred to as self-beat up. 

  • Miss out on what you've always wanted to pursue.

  • Use fear as an excuse to hide, thereby avoiding the effort it takes to live boldly and make a meaningful contribution.

  • Seek validation from others causing neediness, resentment, and desperation - a major turn off.

#FixItJesus!! (or blog, in this case.)  

To help you get down to the work of dissecting the feeling of not-enoughness and strengthening your self-worth, we've compiled the following 10 tools to build your confidence and worth.  They're broken into 4 categories: Videos, Research-Based Hacks, Affirmations, and Books.  Use them to create powerful results in your business and life (minus the exhausting fight against doubt).


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Ted Talks

12 Ted Talks on Boosting Self Esteem

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