Your Goals + The Gift of Letting Go


When your path is calling it will require leaving old ways behind to step fully into your purpose. In nearly every case there's a certain amount of pain associated with leaving the familiar behind. But, in my own experience and those of the women whose stories of career transition we'll soon be sharing on The Career View Mirror Project, letting go is the first step to moving forward. 

I once did an outdoor obstacle course where the goal of one of the exercises was to get across a 50ft high tightrope by using a series of ropes dangling overhead for support.  In order to move forward on the tightrope, I had to release one rope to grab a hold of the other.

Choosing to hang on would mean being stuck in place, not moving forward or backward - going nowhere.  At the same time, I was terrified to let go.  The distance seemed immense and the idea of releasing both hands to jump full out with no guarantee I'd catch the next rope was too much!  But, I had two choices: remain stuck in place or release my viselike grip and leap. 

I took the leap and here's what I learned:  the toughest part is the space between.  Being completely off balance, up in mid-air, unsure of everything. At the same time, that space between is also the most exhilarating.  Truly present, feeling every single moment, you instinctually, creatively decide what to do next and follow through without analysis.  You come face to face with your own courage as you keep moving, releasing and grabbing hold, again and again, inching ever closer to your destination, you finally understand...

Courage is a practice. - tweet this!