10 Scientifically Proven Ways to Make Your Home Happier


Create a Meditation Corner

  • The mental, physical, and emotional benefits of meditation are astounding - from lowering stress levels and reducing inflammation to slowing HIV progression and literally changing your brain.  It doesn't take much more than a soft pillow to create a space where you can mentally disconnect.  

Add Plants

Find an Area to Honor Your Family History

  • An Emory University study found the knowledge of family history correlated with higher self-esteem and a better ability to manage stress. 

Consider an Aquarium

  • Aquariums lower heart rates and blood pressure, and studies have found those numbers get even lower the more fish are added to the tank. 

Use Aromatherapy  

  • The benefits of essential oils extracted from plants include the relief of anxiety and depression as cited by the Mayo Clinic.  Between the crazy long list of aromatherapy's other benefits and the divine smells that are lavender, sage, and, peppermint (for starters), your happiness factor will skyrocket once you incorporate them into your daily routine.

Incorporate Affirmations

  • Similar to a mantra you might repeat to yourself, decor that visually reinforces the values you hold is a fabulous way to infuse your daily life with intention.  Think stylish typography, quotes, affirming words on walls, mugs, doormats - nearly anything in your space can become a reminder of the good life and keep your spirits lifted.

Add a Rug

  • Touch is one of the senses directly associated with productivity.  It's as simple as being drawn to "soft, cozy, warm" and repelled by "cold, hard".  Soft rugs are in line with the body's natural inclination to relax with the touch of a softer texture.  

  • Rugs and/or carpeting also create a barrier to sound.

Create a Reading Nook

  • Reading improves memory function, makes you more empathetic, fights Alzheimer's, reduces stress by 68%, and alleviates insomnia. 

  • Stephen King said it perfectly: "Books are a uniquely portable magic."  A space for enjoying them in your home, no matter the size, will bring magic into your life. 

Get a White Noise App - Better Yet, Raindrops

  • Focus supports productivity, and productivity (the feeling of making progress towards your goals) makes people 72% happier.  Sound is one of the keys to focus. 

  • Productivity dips up to 66% if you're involved in a task-related activity in a loud, conversational environment. So, the next time you're trying to conquer the world, download the white noise app and set it on the sounds of raindrops (sounds of ocean waves and rain increase cognitive function and lower heart rates, muscle tension and stress.)

Don't Forget The Art

  • Make Art: Dopamine is the ultimate "Feel Good" transmitter, and just for good measure it also wards off depression and protects the brain from aging.  Every time you engage in art, a high dosage of it comes your way. You get the dose whether you're "talented" or not and no matter what the creative activity. '

  • Decorate With Art: Art has the ability to take you out of yourself by pulling your attention away from rumination and self-focus and into a world of beauty and imagination.  Line your walls with it, and watch it light up your inner world.