8 Beautiful, Hard-Earned Lessons from 2016

"I love you, 2016.  And I'm excited to love you 2017.  I love you because I choose to love. The human perspective of good and bad is meaningless, and won't change things from unfolding as they will.  The enlightened say that everything is as it should be.  Let's do our best to endure that which is difficult, enjoy that which is pleasurable, and shine our light regardless."  - My Friend, David

Despite the election and the loss of icons and the seemingly endless challenges.  I choose to love 2016 because even the painful moments brought gems of wisdom.  

Here are a few to take with you into a kick @$$ New Year  - I certainly plan to!

  • Authenticity trumps perfection, any day.

  • You'd rather be loved and respected for your vision and inspiration than liked in your people-pleasing smallness, trust me.

  • Taking a risk requires trust in the unknown.  Surrender to whatever may come and big decisions will be a lot easier to make.

  • As on planes, so too in life: put on your oxygen mask first.  You can't fill anyone up from an empty cup.

  • Honor your boundaries. Because, when you say no to what you don't want you're really saying YES to what you do.

  • Say yes - especially to the things that make you uncomfortable because "The cave in which you fear to enter is where your treasure lies" (Joseph Campbell).

  • Let go of what it's "supposed to" look like, once you stop judging, the beauty of what it IS becomes clear.  

  • Overcome stress and overwhelm instantly with one simple question: Place your feet firmly on the ground, look down at them and ask yourself  "where are my feet?"  Your feet - and you - are right here, right now, in the present moment. That means you're fine.