8 Ways To Shut Out The World's Drama and Create A Grateful Home

What keeps you grounded in your home environment? How do you remember to practice gratitude? 

In case you thought Oprah's gratitude journal recommendation was purely a feel-good practice, studies have shown that gratitude improves our immune and cardiovascular systems.

Recently, The Greater Good Science Center a UC Berkeley partnered with the USC on a study to research the effects of gratitude on the brain.    Gratitude is more than a just nice thing to do.  It supports health and well-being so much it can extend your life expectancy.  Which means you can enjoy a longer and more joyful life simply by remembering to be thankful for what you have.  

If you're like me you may already practice miracle morning, yoga, or journaling.  Add that to the responsibilities of making life happen, on most days we're already doing #teamtewmuch.

So, the question I'm exploring in this article is how to be grateful without adding another task to an already full To-Do list.  Well, friends, I'm here to tell you there is a way to practice gratitude that doesn't involve another activity. Can I get an AMEN?!

Gratitude Spaces are areas in your home that infuse mindful moments into your day. - tweet it!

They are physical reminders to say "Thank You" to the universe.  Here are some ways to decorate your spaces with gratitude in mind:

Colorful Art - Combine art and color for a double dose of therapeutic impact.

Gallery Wall - Incorporate photos of friends and family, a reminder you're not alone. 

Photos of You - Hang images of yourself enjoying favorite moments, people + places.

Meditation Space - Create a simple and peaceful area to be still and return to your breath.

Love Altar - Find space in your bedroom (nightstands will do) that honors you.

Desk - Organize and decorate it in a way that inspires you to get to work.

Creative Space - Pay special attention to the areas in your home where you create - which means making something out of nothing. Whether its cooking, dancing, painting, sketching, or scrap-booking, everyone is creative and creativity is for everyone.    

Spirituality - Elements that honor your preferred belief system can be infused into all the options above. Whatever your connection to source, God, the universe, Buddha, Jesus, etc., I advocate bringing that into your home through photos, quotes, art, statues or books.  The intention here is to know that you are supported even when it doesn't seem so, and that no matter what you're going through all is well.  A reminder that The Universe Has Your Back (also the title of Gabby Bernstein's latest book!)