Press: The Importance of Joy, Design, Mindfulness, Plants & Art in the Classroom

What a privilege it was to join Yong Pratt, owner of Elko Arts Academy, on her smART Kids 2.0 Podcast.  We discussed how the design of learning spaces can inspire smarter and more confident kids for the next generation.

Here's what we discussed (and the exact times so you can get right to the point):

  • [2:49] How Kid-Smart Spaces™ began

  • [5:42] Why is the design of classroom is so important for kids in learning?

  • [6:31] The role of joy in our classrooms

  • [9:35] Increasing learning capacity with plants

  • [11:36] A 3-minute mindfulness makeover at home

  • [13:48] Tips for parents when creating space for their kids

  • [19:36] How temperature affects learning

  • [29:59] And, the Kid-Smart Spaces book due out in 2017