Asking For Support vs. Begging (& Other Tales On The Road To Bestselling Book)

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Truth is, even while in the act of asking for all the support necessary to make the book a bestseller, inside I still felt a little like a beggar, going from person to person for a handout. I’m happy to share that has FINALLY changed. 
The day of the Tuesday Bestseller Challenge the energy, excitement, shares, positivity, and purchases was overwhelming.  People were right there with me every step of the way – refreshing Amazon, texting, emailing, calling - to see if we had made it to number one.  I say “we” because what I’ve finally learned is that asking for support isn’t begging, it’s about rallying people to a common cause.
Your people are in it with you, you just happen to be the one on the field running toward the end zone. Your success is theirs and their success is yours. Your colleagues, family, friends, even the haters - cause really they’re just confused fans (I wish I’d come up with that one) - are all in the stands cheering for their team.

What I Asked For + What To Get Over

I asked my friend how she wrote her book.
Tip: Get over the comparison conversation and ask people who are further along than you are – those doing what you want to be doing.

I went to personal development workshop and attended Bestseller In A Weekend (read: asked for skills). 
Tip:  Get over feeling ashamed if you need guidance to get past a block. Be always a learner.

I fundraised (read: asked for money) on Indigogo to self-publish. 
Get over hiding out. Nothin’ like putting something on the line to hold yourself accountable for following through on a big goal.

I made positive, affirming friends (read: asked for encouragement). 
Tip: Get over mediocrity. If the 5 people closest to you aren’t inspiring you to improve by telling you to lovingly "get ya life!” do whatever it takes to find them (for the record I wasn’t above meetup dot com). Then, tell them your biggest, wildest most I’mPossible (that’s not a typo) dreams and have them hold you to them!