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10 Tools To Boost Your Self Worth

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When you know your ideas have merit, when you realize your voice and opinions matter, and when you are finally ready to shine - that's when the doubtful thoughts get louder.  Thought like "You're not doing it right", "you're not as good as...", "you’re not ready yet”, “you don't have it together" surface and they can result in you: 

  • Undermining your leadership abilities causing your brand, business, and career growth to suffer.  

  • Missing out on what you've always wanted to pursue.

  • Shrinking from the meaningful contribution you're meant to make.

  • Seeking validation from external sources.

To help you diffuse the feeling of not-enoughness on the spot, I’ve compiled the following 10 tools to build your confidence and worth

They're broken into 4 categories: Videos, Research-Based Hacks, Affirmations, and Books.  Use them to create powerful results in your business and life (minus the exhausting fight against doubt).


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Ted Talks

12 Ted Talks on Boosting Self Esteem

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