The C Word, Episode 1 – What Compassionate Leadership Isn’t

a picture of Magalie and the caption "What Compassionate Leadership Isn't!"

What Most People Don’t Understand About Compassionate Leadership

Coddling. Enabling. Accepting mediocrity.

These are the things Compassionate Leadership ISN’T.

So how can you be a strong, effective leader who challenges a team to succeed — without being a pushover or a dictator?

I will show you how to do it in The C Word, a 10-part video miniseries.

How Compassionate Leadership Drives High-Impact Companies

As a Confidence and Compassion expert, I’ve spent the last 20 years working with high-impact companies of all sizes, and what I get asked over and over is how to best generate results AND cultivate a culture of excellence. Through my company, Workplace Catalyst, I work with mission-driven organizations and leaders to help them bridge Compassionate Leadership, well-being and belonging. We believe the future of work is Compassionate.

In this miniseries, I break down the concepts, tools and self-mastery principles that will have you retaining your stellar employees and creating sustainable results in your career and leadership.

What You’ll Find in the Series

  • What Compassionate Leadership is — and what it is not
  • How to effectively cultivate a compassionate workplace
  • Tools to help you build resilience, awareness, and boundaries
  • And more…

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  • Series intro… [0:00]
  • Episode intro… [0:32]
  • On coddling or enabling… [1:08]
  • On mediocrity… [1:28]
  • On discipline… [1:45]
  • Compassionate Leaders are… [2:00]

Video Highlight:

“…Leaders are strong, powerful, effective leaders who are all about being the best, not accepting mediocrity, challenging people to rise to their circumstances – beyond their circumstances, even – so that they can succeed. It’s NOT about coddling or enabling.”

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