The C Word, Episode 3 – Grit & Resilience Work Together

image of Magalie and the caption for this episode, "Grit and resilience at work, how?"

How Do You Cultivate Resilience?

So many of us ambitious leaders know the value of (are obsessed with) grit and resilience, but how do we do it? How do we cultivate sustainability (AND MEASURABLE RESULTS) in our lives and our business? In this episode of The C Word, you’ll learn 3 simple Compassionate Leadership tools to get you there.

Why Resilience is Critical to Compassionate Leadership

In order to have what it takes to sustain long-term success, Compassionate Leaders must utilize grit to build resilience. By understanding what creates resilience, Compassionate Leaders are not only better able to withstand any upcoming circumstances, they are better positioned to provide themselves, their teams and their companies with essential tools for wellbeing and collaboration.

Where Grit & Resilience Work Together

When it comes to being an effective leader, oftentimes the best solutions are those where everyone feels empowered and heard. Tune in to our latest episode of our 10-part miniseries, The C Word, where I break down how grit and resilience work together to create repeated (and repeatable) win-wins.

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  • Episode intro… [0:00]
  • On cultivating grit and resilience… [0:15]
  • On awareness… [0:54]
  • On agency… [1:44]
  • On boundaries… [2:46]
  • On creating a win-win… [3:27
  • On working with Workplace Catalyst… [3:59]

Video Highlight:

“This is why I do this work. Compassionate Leadership is our future. Now more than ever, we’re living in challenging times. How many times have you heard people say that? And we really don’t know what’s coming next.”

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