The C Word, Episode 4 – Communication Hacks To Lead with Compassion

image of Magalie and the caption for this episode: 5-step hack for any hard conversation

What Compassionate Leaders Understand About Communication

When it comes to leading dynamic teams -teams that may also be spread out geographically – communication is a powerful tool to create sustainable relationships and results. Compassionate Leaders understand that in order to create consistency and agility, inspire ideas and action, and foster growth, there must be effective two-way conversation in their organizations.

Communication Hacks (and a Bonus Hack!)

What if you had the power to resolve any conflict?  What if you had the tools to collaborate with anyone? There’s no magic wand. However, in using this 5-step framework, you’ll become one of the most well-respected leaders in your organization and supercharge your abilities.  I’ve even included a bonus hack to serve as the foundation for this framework!

How Life-Changing, World-Class Leaders Communicate

Communication is one of the biggest differences between average leaders and leaders that are impacting the world and inspiring their teams to create epic results. When you are clearly communicating your vision, your expectations and your boundaries, not only are you modeling exemplary citizenship, you are creating the blueprint for your team members to use in achieving their goals.

So how do life-changing, world-class leaders communicate with natural ease, diplomacy, and grace?

Watch Episode 4 of The C Word to find out:

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  • Episode intro… [0:00]
  • On effective communication… [0:25]
  • Bonus hack… [0:46]
  • On setting intention [0:59]
  • On setting context… [1:17]
  • On curiosity… [1:39]
  • On knowing your audience… [2:04]
  • On creating permission… [2:46]
  • On effective feedback… [4:08]
  • Episode review [4:30]
  • On working with Workplace Catalyst… [5:27]

Video Highlight:

“Now that you’ve got those five steps, I promise you if you practice those – even ONE out of all of these five! – you’re going to be a much better communicator than you already are.”

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