The C Word, Episode 5 – The Myth of Safe Spaces

image of Magalie with the title of The C Word episode: The Myth of Safe Spaces

The Myth of Safe Spaces

Is anyone still using the term ‘safe spaces’? Truth is, I don’t believe they exist. I do, however, believe they matter. To understand how both of those statements can be true and how to use them to your benefit as a Compassionate Leader, watch Episode 5 of The C Word.

What are Safe Spaces?

Safe spaces mean different things to different people, in different contexts. And contrary to popular belief, safe spaces are not inherent to the workplace – or anywhere, actually. With such a variety of definitions and expectations, there needs to be an understanding created amongst the members of a group working together. But how?

How Do We Create and Maintain Safe Spaces?

In this episode of The C Word, I lay out a 4-step framework for creating – and maintaining – a safe space in the work place. By having your team adhere to this framework will have you and your teams working together in a transparent and collaborative environment.

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  • Episode intro… [0:00]
  • On the myth of safe spaces… [0:22]
  • On laying out the 4-step framework… [0:48]
  • On making the request… [1:16]
  • On setting parameters… [2:17]
  • On creating alignment… [2:41]
  • On holding accountability… [3:06]
  • On working with Workplace Catalyst… [3:57]

Video Highlight:

“…You could say, ‘Hey, remember at the beginning of this, we talked about this being a judgment-free zone. So, I just want to remind everyone that that’s what we aligned to.’ Just like that, you’ve held people accountable. And you’ve reset the safety in the space.”

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