What Is Career-View Mirror™ Lightning Leap?

Career-View Mirror is a high impact program designed to help you bust through fear and create a comprehensive, strategic plan to leave your unfulfilling career and leap powerfully into a passionate new business - with lightning speed.

Offered as an 8 week one-on-one coaching program and a 12 week online group coaching program.


  • Coaching to neutralize what's blocking success and capitalize on the skills and talents that support in accomplishing goals

  • Accountability to super-speed your progress.

  • Strategy and development of a comprehensive plan for a smooth exit and transition.

  • Tribe and connection with fellow transitioners who are on the same journey - go farther, together.


  • You will have re-designed your relationship with risk.

  • You will have new thoughts and habits that accelerate accomplishment.

  • You will have the clarity and courage in the face of fear.

  • You will have tangible results and momentum to take the leap.

  • You will have built relationships with like-minded peers who support you.


  • You want out of your current career or J-O-B.

  • You are driven and deeply compelled to pursue a passion, a calling or work you love.

  • You are determined to make an impact in the lives of others.

  • You are tired of watching days, weeks, years pass as you wait for the right moment.

  • Career-View Mirror™ Lightning Leap is for you.

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