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Career-View Mirror™ "Lightning Leap"

Release Fear, Doubt & Excuses to Leap Into a Passionate New Career, Quickly

Hard-work, drive, ambition, self-awareness - even the ability to be a top earner isn't always enough to push past the fear of pursuing one's true calling. 

Responsibilities vs. Passion | Taking a risk that may fail | Analysis Paralysis | Limited time | Procrastination | Lack of clarity |Lack of focus | Lack of commitment | Lack of a plan

These factors among others make striking out on your own a daunting proposition. But the truth is you know what you want.  You just haven't created the circumstances to make it a reality yet, but you will - and in 7 weeks time.

Lightning Leap will help you free yourself from the disappointment that comes with watching weeks, months, and years pass by with little to no committed action.  You'll discover a belief in yourself and your ability that is stronger than fear, procrastination, and hesitation.  You'll find the confidence to take the leap.

Our strategy session will provide a few key steps you need to get started.  You'll leave the call with a framework for creating meaningful work and the life you want.   Life is NOW and you're ready.