The Fear Blocking Your Success | The “C” Word | Season 2, Ep 2

Where Does Fear Come From?

Where did your fear come from?  Before I identified where mine came from, I was letting it repeat itself in my life like Groundhog’s Day. Is it possible to re-write our stories?  Is the story even true?

How do we take the feeling of fear and turn it into an action that makes us more confident? Sometimes that feels harder than turning sh*t to gold!! Watch episode 2 of The “C” Word to get the answers to these questions and more!

How to Reframe Our Fear Conversations

It is natural to develop fear based on hurtful or disappointing experiences in our lives. Over time, those fears can have us hiding or playing small, and talking ourselves out of potentially risky opportunities. In order to stop fear from ever holding you back again, we must learn to reframe those conversations and beliefs to create space to dream of new possibilities. In this episode, I share two tools that have helped me on my own confidence journey to shift my perspective on fear.

What is Your Story?

In Episode 2 of this season, I share with you a personal story of a significant story that has held me back in so many ways. The truth is, we all have a version of this story that keep us afraid. Watch to learn effective questions to ask, in order to move past those fears and limiting beliefs.

Episode 2

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  • Episode intro… [0:00]
  • Why is it so scary… [0:20]
  • My story… [0:42]
  • What is it for you?… [1:40]
  • What is fear, really?… [2:46]
  • Outro… [3:30]

Video Highlight:

“…So it may feel real, you may feel that your wounds make it true. You may feel that your history, your stories, that voice in your head makes it true because it feels true. But the truth is, it’s not about how you feel. It’s about what you choose.”

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