About Magalie René

"I believe our internal and external environments shape us and help us shape the world. I'm committed to supporting my clients in creating lives of joy and meaning, havens that feel good, homes that represent what family means to them, businesses that build communities, schools that change lives."

Magalie is a Conscious Designer, Author, and Speaker. She creates beautiful spaces for a better world through Consciously Design and supports her clients in consciously designing their lives. Magalie's unique design approach combines holism, neuroscience, and design principles for spaces that improve lives. She is also the founder of Kid-Smart Spaces™, working with educators and parents to design spaces for smarter, happier, healthier children. Magalie is the author of the first book in the Kid-Smart Spaces book series, entitled "Kid-Smart Spaces: Decorating a Classroom That Changes Lives", written to help teachers create inspired learning environments to heal trauma, inspire creativity and encourage academic achievement.

Magalie launched Consciously Design and Kid-Smart Spaces in 2012 and has been transforming spaces ever since. She works on a variety of residential, commercial, and institutional projects in the New York Tri-State area, Los Angeles, and across the US, including several elementary and middle schools.

Magalie has been featured in Dr. Oz The Good Life and Good Housekeeping magazines and speaks on topics including interior design, school design, personal growth, transitioning careers and creating a balanced home.

My Story

My moment of truth came when I ended my marriage.  Changing my home environment changed everything.  Suddenly dissatisfaction in any area of my life became intolerable. I quit my PR job and embraced my natural hair - for a girl who straightened her hair at 13-years old to be someone else's version of beautiful, those two things were equally life-changing.

I'd love to say it was all sunshine, rainbows, and empowerment from there but it wasn't.  I was a little lost and a lot uncertain. Bills were piling up, rent was past due, and I had no idea what to do next. To add insult to injury, out of the blue, my toe decided it would stop bending and I couldn't wear heels anymore. So long to a shoe collection so large it had it's own room (the Universe got jokes!).

At 31, the life I had meticulously planned for myself was gone. I was in emotional, financial, and physical pain, and my identity - so long wrapped up in my appearance - was shaken. I also became very curious.

I wanted to understand why I had made the choices that had led me here.  I started reading You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay and it CHANGED - MY - LIFE. I moved on to A New Earth by Eckart Tolle, Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert (though in truth I only read Eat and Pray,) and I jumped head first into all things mindset, motivation, manifesting, and spirituality. That's when everything started to change.

I learned that most of the decisions we make are the result of subconscious patterns and that to design the life I wanted I had to live consciously.  

I believe the key to living consciously is self-awareness.  

When you become self-aware you realize that beauty, joy, love, and fulfillment aren't external things you need to go out and find.  They're inherent gifts you get to uncover within - they're who you are. And when you tap into those gifts you discover what you really want (not the stories society, your parents, or your ego say you should want) and make powerful, conscious choices to get it. 

Set your intention, create a plan, do the work, and leave room for magic and miracles by having faith. - tweet it! 

That practice helped me land a job at one of the most prestigious philanthropic organizations. It helped me meet an incredible mentor. It helped me take the leap and turn my creative gifts into my main source of income. It helped me get featured in national magazines. It helped me change the way schools look. It helped me make my dream of becoming an author a reality, and it helped me become a coach. 

The one thing I continue to do is learn. I'm constantly learning from incredible healers, light-workers, and thought leaders. I'm also learning from you and your stories.  We get to walk the path together. 

Why You're Here

You may be starting out, starting over, changing course, or seeking ways to take your already amazing life to the next level. Maybe you just happened to stumble upon this website. Whatever led you here, welcome. I want you to know that my mission is to support you as you make conscious choices and take powerful actions to design the life you want to live.  I can't wait to see what you create!

Connect with like-minded people and let's get more conscious together!

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