Handling Uncomfortable Conversations | ABC7 News

Answering uncomfortable questions and having awkward conversation are THE WORST when you’re caught off guard.

Watch as Magalie Rene shares how to handle them on ABC7 News with Melanie Hastings, which aired this week.

How do we handle uncomfortable conversations/questions when we’re caught off guard?

Remember the power of the pause and do the following:

🖐️Unclench. Your back, brow, or jaw may be clenched as if preparing for a fight. Take a moment to relax your body.

🖐️Focus on your breath. Are you breathing shallowly, or holding your breath? Take a few calming breaths to reset your nervous system.

🖐️Do NOT answer immediately. In a highly reactive state, the first thing out of our mouth may not be what works in the workspace.

Allowing yourself the space to come back to neutral creates an opportunity to respond compassionately with intention.


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