How Do You Know You Have a Calling?

What does it mean to have a purpose?  It’s feeling compelled to give of yourself and your talents to serve others. Many are called but few are chosen. Even fewer choose to answer the call.  

That’s because it’s not easy.  If it were easy, everyone would do it.  Everyone would risk their reputation, their comfortable full night’s sleep, their comfortable sofas, their binge-watching and comfortable relationships, their comfortable paychecks… all for the unknown. Now replace comfortable with mediocre because, for those of you who are called, who have a meaningful message to share, a life lived denying yourself the opportunity to share that message is simply that – mediocre. It’s a life that while perfectly adequate and acceptable will never quite feel complete. 

How Do You Know You Have a Calling?

 For me, mediocre was public relations, being successful meant finding an outlet for my creativity. And later, for my connection to spirituality a way to turn my connection to color, beauty, appreciation for aesthetically pleasing elements that lift the energy in a space and in a human being, into a sustainable livelihood.  

That eventually took the shape of Workplace Catalyst and creating my own company to help businesses delve into Compassionate Leadership, diversity, equity, and inclusion, and anti-racism.



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