How to Know What You Want | BNC

What a great time being a live guest on the Black News Channel’s morning show Start Your Day with Sharon and Mike. We discussed tools for managing the stress of re-entry to the workplace after the year we just experienced. 

Watch the interview and learn the tools available to you for return-to-the-office!

It’s been a difficult year for everybody. Going along with sudden changes and uncertainties put stress on a lot, if not all of us. Returning to the office may be a relief for you as a return to normalcy, or maybe during the pandemic you’ve found that you prefer remote work.

Whatever the case may be, you have options at your disposal:

If the return-to-office stress is overwhelming you, try:

  • Setting an intention in the morning: patience, calm, communication, whatever you feel your life is calling for to bring you solace
  • Stop and hold your breath for a count of 7. Then release. Something as simple as this can reset your body and mind
  • Talking to your boss about your options and if you can work something out
  • Re-evaluate what you want. Maybe it’s time for a change and to look into finding a new job that brings you more fulfillment, even if that means taking a pay cut.

If you are excited or ready to return, remember to be respectful and compassionate if your coworkers or employees don’t feel the same. Offer them help or ask them what they need to make the transition smoother. However, if you have coworkers who are spreading negativity about the return if need be, limit your contact with them because their negativity doesn’t have to affect your mood.

You have tools whether you’re the employee that wants to return or not. This is a great time to take care of ourselves and really reflect on what our lives need.

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