How to Support Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter

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Policy reform organizations

Donations will go toward legislative efforts to overturn systemically racist policies at either national, state, or local levels.

• American Civil Liberties Union

• Black Lives Matter Global Network

• Color of Change Education Fund

• Advancement Project

• Community Justice Action Fund

• Anti-Racism Fund

• Moms Demand Action; donations will be matched dollar for dollar by Everytown, Moms Demand Action’s parent organization

• Faith in Texas

• Take Action Chapel Hill; Chapel Hill, North Carolina

• Austin Justice Coalition; Austin, Texas

• Dallas Alliance Against Racial and Political Repression; Dallas, Texas

• The Refugee Dream Center; Rhode Island

• Alliance to Mobilize Our Resistance; Rhode Island

Political organizations

Donations will go toward Black-voter education initiatives and supporting Black political candidates.

• Fair Fight; National, but mainly Georgia

• Black Voters Matter Fund

• Woke Vote

• Higher Heights

• The Collective Political Action Committee

Bail funds

Donations will go toward paying bail/bonds to release protesters jailed in states with bail/bond systems. If you’d like to make a localized contribution to a bail fund in a city or state not shown below, the National Bail Fund Network lists the funds you can donate to in all states with bail/bond systems.

• The Bail Project

• National Bail Out

• National Bail Fund Network COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund

• Atlanta Solidarity Fund

• Louisville Community Bail Fund

• Chicago Community Bond Fund

• Philadelphia Bail Fund

• Nashville Community Bail Fund

• Dallas Bail Fund for Protesters

• (F)empower Community Bond Fund

• People’s Program Bail Out Fund; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

• Columbus Freedom Fund; Columbus, Ohio

Community restoration organizations and funds

Donations will go toward rebuilding businesses and other parts of Black communities where protests have occurred and/or have been hit particularly hard by the coronavirus pandemic.

• Mutual Aid

• Minnesota Rapid Response Coalition; Twin Cities, Minnesota

• The Lake Street Council; Minneapolis, Minnesota

• Pimento Relief Fund; Minneapolis, Minnesota

• West Broadway Business & Area Coalition; Minneapolis, Minnesota

• Rebuilding Oakland Black Businesses Fund; Oakland, California

• My Block My Hood My City; Chicago, Illinois

Community enrichment organizations

Donations will go toward arts, technical, or other programs for Black and brown people.

• Black and Brown Founders

• Black Table Arts

• Embrace Race

• Voix Noire

• African American Cultural Heritage Action Fund

• SoGal

• Assata’s Daughters; Chicago, Illinois

• Centro de Trabajadores Unidos en la Lucha; Twin Cities, Minnesota

• Twin Cities Recovery Project; Twin Cities, Minnesota

• Black Feminist Project; New York City

• Tournament Haus Ballroom Microgrants; Portland, Oregon; Tacoma and Seattle, Washington

• BOOM Concepts; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

• 1 Hood; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Youth-oriented community organizations

Donations will go toward funding initiatives for educating Black and brown youth, such as programs for coding, activism camps, and providing books for schools.

• Integrate NYC

• GirlTrek

• Black Girls Code

• Colin Kaepernick Know Your Rights Camp

• The Conscious Kid

• Pretty Brown Girl

• Gyrl Wonder

• D.R.E.A.M.

• HOPE Crew: Hands-On Preservation Experience

Police reform organizations

Donations will go toward police reform initiatives, including efforts to redistribute police funding to other social services.

• The National Police Accountability Project

• Campaign Zero

• Communities United for Police Reform

• Communities United Against Police Brutality

• Equality for Flatbush; Brooklyn, New York

Incarceration reform organizations

Donations will go toward prison reform efforts to stop excessive punishment, mass incarceration, incarceration in general, and the creation of new jails and prisons.

• Release Aging People in Prison

• No New Jails NYC

• Equal Justice Initiative

• Prison Book Program

• Dream Defenders

• Vera Institute of Justice

Legal defense funds and organizations

Donations will go toward legal aid and education for Black, brown, and other minority groups.

• NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund

• Legal Rights Center

• Amistad Law Project

• Transgender Law Center Black LGBTQIA+ Migrant Project

• Moral Governance; San Diego, California

• Restoring Justice; Texas

• Up Against The Law Legal Collective; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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