It’s Here!! The “C” Word – Season 2

What is this season’s “C” Word?

The “C” word I chose for Season 2 is very special to me because it’s been my biggest personal challenge – and triumph. This season’s “C” Word affects more than just your career. It also impacts:

  • Your earning potential
  • Your friendships & romantic relationships
  • Your reputation
  • Your ability to lead effectively
  • How you look & carry yourself, and how you are perceived by others
  • How much you’re respected
  • Whether the words you speak are heard and valued

The “C” Word at the core of Season 2 is (drum roll, please!) …CONFIDENCE!

Why Confidence Matters

Over the last 20 years I’ve worked with extraordinary global leaders, heart-centered professionals, budding business owners, established entrepreneurs and creatives. The common thread between them all is this season’s “C” Word.

This season I’m rolling out the red carpet for every single one of you, but it’s especially for you if you want to stop fear from ever holding you back again in any area: from work to relationships to that one thing you’re almost afraid to dream of.

This season, the C Word miniseries delivers the journey to Confidence in 5 parts.

The goal is to conquer fear and get over what people think, and to trust yourself (and your ability) so you can show up power-FULLY.

Who This Seasons Series Is For

This season is for you if:

  • Fear (or imposter syndrome) has ever gotten the best of you
  • You’ve reached heights in your career or business but still second guess yourself
  • Perfectionism or a deep need to prove yourself ever gets in your way
  • Fear of judgment or fear of failure has ever stopped you in your tracks
  • You ever get that knot in the pit of your stomach / overthink when you need to speak up
  • You have a big, audacious goal / dream you’ve been procrastinating on for months, years, or even decades
  • You’ve ever convinced yourself that what you truly want is crazy or impossible
  • You’ve been laid off(!)

In season 2 of The “C” Word, a 5-part video miniseries, I lay out a path to Confidence that can be applied to all areas of your life.

Watch it here:

Season 2 Trailer

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