Left Behind After Layoffs?

Have You Ever Heard of Lazy Layoffs?

Layoffs are trust killers. Like anyone else, even I get annoyed by the many trending, click-baity terms out there, but some are on point and those who have survived a round of layoffs will definitely get this one:

Lazy layoff – when managers lack empathy or concern in the face of a jarring life event and the subsequent shift in workplace dynamics.

How to Navigate in a Post-Layoff Workplace

Here are 3 tips for retaining and engaging those who are left behind:

1. Focus on team RE-building: It’s time to double down on the fundamental human needs for connection, safety, and trust. How are you doing that?

Our recommendation: the time is now for team-building activities and offering/reiterating access to supportive resources.

2. Compassion is the game-changer – no surprise here: Avoid a ‘lazy layoff’ by engaging with those affected in a compassionate, respectful manner. Are you and your leaders/managers equipped to communicate empathetically and clearly to your teams?

Our recommendation: Compassionate leadership skills are a nice to have essential.

  • No sugarcoating or soothing – have brave conversations
  • Learn how to deliver effective feedback (we’ve developed a specific framework for that)
  • Allow employees to experience their emotions – see change or grief cycle models
  • Provide all pertinent facts and details – get back to basics with the 5W’s

3. Manage your own wellbeing and encourage the same for your teams: At a time like this, you and your team are particularly prone to burnout, anxiety, depression and overwork. It may be impossible to avoid an increased workload (that’s where grit and resilience come in) but you can focus on what is in your control. How will you increase your level of self-care to meet the moment?

Our recommendation:

  • ​Emotional intelligence/resilience training​
  • Gym membership or other wellbeing centered tools
  • Outsource coaches for neutral support

Remember, in times like these people remember how you’ve made them feel more that what you do. Following these tips will make that easier for you and those you lead.

We’re ready to support and guide you and your teams through this challenging time.

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