Midwin Charles Endowed Scholarship

On July 17, 2022, we celebrated the life of my god-sister and cousin, Midwin Charles, on what would have been her 49th birthday. Midwin chose to live vibrantly and unapologetically. We chose that day to showcase her legacy.

Midwin faced and conquered countless obstacles on her path to success, and her commitment to paving the way for others like her doesn’t end with her passing.

An “Our Time Has Come” endowed scholarship has been created in Midwin’s honor to create possibility for underrepresented students at Syracuse University. There are stories of people getting amazing opportunities but needing to make difficult choices due to financial constraints. I’ve had those moments myself. When someone is committed to their education and to succeeding it’s a a gift when they receive support that makes their journey a little smoother. The landing a little softer. The heavy days a little lighter.

I’m asking for your contribution.

If we reach our goal of creating a $100,000 endowed scholarship this year, her scholarship will be fully endowed and first generation students who are busting their butts on their goals and dreams will be able to count on Midwin’s legacy for support.

If you follow me or are reading this, I’m asking for your support now: please donate and share this with others.

Give what you can, not only to honor Midwin’s legacy, but to honor your own journey and any obstacles you’ve overcome with a little help from an unexpected place.

In contributing to Midwin’s legacy through the “Our Time Has Come” scholarship program, you are contributing to your own.

Let’s rise together.


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