Quiet Quitting & Finding a Work-Life Balance | FOX Good Day DC

This picture is of the Good Day DC logo, where Magalie was a guest to discuss quiet quitting and work-life balance.

Magalie joined Marissa Mitchell and Claire Anderson at Good Day DC (Fox 5 DC) during their LION Lunch Hour as the Confidence and Compassion expert to share her thoughts on the not-so-new but suddenly prevalent phenomenon of Quiet Quitting.

They watched and commented on hilarious TikTok videos, and took a deeper look at what contributes to this workplace challenge. They discussed Magalie’s definition of it, the impact on employees AND employers, and what to do if you are or want to quiet quit on a job. Magalie also shared some contributing factors to consider: struggling to balance a personal life and work life; navigating social anxiety or Covid anxiety; needing to re-learn how to engage properly with coworkers.

The best part of all was announcing Magalie’s upcoming 10-part miniseries called The “C” Word, premiering on October 12. Stay tuned for more information – here, on her social media platforms and in your inbox. If you’re not already, subscribe to our newsletter here so you can watch the episodes when they’re released.

Watch the entire interview here!

Magalie advocates for companies to treat their people with respect, gratitude & fair compensation! She also challenges quiet quitters to find purpose and meaning in their careers and go after it – and quit for real, if necessary (because a quiet quitter can easily end up quietly fired).

Through her company Workplace Catalyst, Magalie works with teams and executives on Compassionate Leadership development, providing tools on how to create work environments that give employees win-win alternatives to quiet quitting.

Magalie is also available to work one-on-one with select clients. Book your session directly here or head here for more information.

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