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Magalie is Featured in Business Insider!

I was recently featured in the Business Insider article “Rise of the ‘Jeff Bots’: Former Amazon leaders have infiltrated the tech industry and that’s not always a good thing, leadership coaches warn” by Rachel DuRose. In it, I weigh in on the costs of sacrificing workplace culture for efficiency, and how that actually may be counterproductive.

How Cost Control Can Lead to Burnout

Is it possible to be too efficient in the workplace? At what point do cost-cutting measures actually diminish culture AND productivity? I contributed to a thought-provoking article on the ‘Amazonification’ of workplaces – adopting Amazon’s efficiency principles sometimes at the expense of company culture. When more responsibility is placed on the worker in the name of effectiveness, burnout is sure to occur.

What it Takes to Build an Innovation-Supporting Infrastructure

As a Compassionate Leader expert, I empower executives to take the pulse of their people frequently. So, what a great opportunity to share insight on this recent Business Insider feature. I provided my thoughts on how necessary it is to assess the needs – both of the business and of its workforce – before implementing new management ideas. It is ideal to consider all stakeholders to build a sustainable game plan for the organization.

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I am excited to share my thoughts on how companies can better integrate new leadership initiatives into their existing culture. The Business Insider article was published on October 18, 2022. Read the full article here.

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