Seek the Joy Podcast, Ep. 163 | Breaking Through Fear with Compassion, with Magalie René

Magalie René, CEO of Workplace Catalyst, Transformational Executive Coach, and Motivational Speaker, joined host and producer Sydney Weiss on her podcast, Seek The Joy, and shared the story of her personal journey through fear that led to her mission: creating a future of compassion.

In this episode, Magalie and Sydney chat about:

  • How we can use compassion to break through fear, building resilience around fear of judgment and fear of failure, and the importance of getting to the root of your fear.
  • The connection between compassion, courage, and confidence and Magalie shares how we can make empathy tangible.
  • The value of compassionate leadership and why everyone is a leader.
  • The connection between compassion and confidence, how we can develop greater confidence in settings where we don’t feel like we have it, and Magalie dives into the behaviors that build confidence and behaviors that break confidence.
  • Plus, Magalie shares the mantras that drive her work, her biggest dream, and so much more!

A quote from the podcast:

“Confidence is on the other side of being courageous enough to look at the things that we’re afraid of.”


Listen here for a vulnerable look at how to break through fear.

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