4 Steps on How to Pivot your Business

 I have big news to share with you!!  Some things have changed at Magalie René International and I’ve been bursting at the seams to let the cat out of the bag! 

Obligatory giphy expressing my internal excitement

Obligatory giphy expressing my internal excitement


The Workplace Catalyst™People-centric leadership development to feel good and do good work. 

We’re activating passion, compassion, and community to help organizations live their values and build teams that experience and cultivate those values through speaking, facilitation, training, corporate culture consulting, and more (available virtually until further notice). 

We’re leading the launch with several Virtual COVID-19 Workplace Trainings aimed at enhancing people-centric leadershipreducing anxiety and improving productivity in the current climate.

I just couldn’t resist

I just couldn’t resist

Learn about our team here.

In the meantime enjoy this quick 4-step guide to pivoting your business and shifting quickly in this unprecedented time.

 4 Steps To Pivot

1. Get Real:  Be honest with yourself and face the facts. (Pro Tip: Skip the self beat up)

2. Let It Go: Let go of any resentment towards circumstances beyond your control. Forgive yourself and others.

3. Get Grounded: Slow down to speed up.  Take some time to get clear on your next step – but not so much that you miss an opportunity!

4. Be Nimble: Be flexible, agile, and act quickly.

Sending you lots of positive energy and confidence.  Remember:

Leaders turn obstacles into opportunities. 

You’ve got this!

Don’t forget these TWO WAYS TO WORK WITH ME and make the most of your time and goals while in quarantine.  


Create Your Signature Coaching Program

Your signature program is the one thing you need to make money as an educator, coach, consultant, healer, or mission-driven leader.  Deliver real value and transformation for your clients and to begin charging high-ticket rates for your services. After this course, you’ll be able to…

  • Promise your clients the outcomes they want and feel confident you can deliver on your promise within your program’s specified timeline. 

  • Charge what you’re worth and sell your services based on the value you deliver instead of the time you worked – hours for dollars is a business trap!!

  • Articulate exactly what you offer, and how it differs from what’s already on the market.


Book a Strategy Session

If you’re interested in transitioning from Employee to Entrepreneur or if you’re ready to take your business to the next level the best time to take action is now.  


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