Taking a Sabbatical From Work | Real Simple Magazine

Burnout is real and it can impact your mental health, your productivity, and your day-to-day life. If you’re experiencing burnout (or want to prevent it) but you don’t want to leave your job, our Compassionate Leadership expert Magalie has tips that will offer some perspective on taking a work sabbatical. I had the opportunity to share how you can achieve this practically, in a way that benefits both your work and your self interests.

We all deserve the ability to recharge without judgment or fear. Everyone deserves an opportunity to develop and bring the best of themselves to their work environment.

Read more about work sabbaticals here!

As mentioned in the article, younger generations believe the prospect of wellness and happiness is more important. To that end, a sabbatical is a great “way for employers to implement their dedication to mental and physical health” as well as that “it could help reduce employee turnover.”

Talk to your supervisors about it and make your work sabbatical a win-win!

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