The C Word, Episode 6 – Unshakeable Self Worth

image of Magalie and the episode title, Unshakeable Self Worth at Work

Why Does Self Worth Matter?

Self worth is a really popular topic, but people don’t talk about that as it relates to the workplace. They more often than not talk about in terms of personal development and healing yourself in your personal life. But the truth is, this concept follows you everywhere you go. The way it’s showing up for you in one area of your life, it is definitely showing up for you in other areas in your life, and that includes your work life.

Foundation of Confidence and Compassionate Leadership

Confidence and leadership are built on your self worth, so there’s a lot of value, particularly for Compassionate Leaders, in looking at the ways that self worth can be built. Looking at the areas where your sense of self worth may be wobbly, and addressing that – strengthening the principles of self-mastery – so you can be the most effective leader and cultivate it in your teams.

How does Self Worth Relate to Performance?

In this episode, learn how your sense of self worth relates to your performance… or does it?  The truth might surprise you! If you’ve ever wondered what self worth does and does not mean (and how it’s relevant to your leadership & the workplace), episode 6 of The C Word is for you!

Watch the sixth video in The C Word miniseries:

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  • Episode intro… [0:00]
  • On the relationship between performance and worth… [0:19]
  • On cultivating unshakeable self worth… [1:09]
  • On examining external messaging… [1:52]
  • On identifying internal patterns… [2:22]
  • On rewriting the stories… [2:47]
  • On the other side… [3:21]
  • On working with Workplace Catalyst… [3:51]

Video Highlight:

“You begin to practice speaking up, believing that you have something valuable to share. And then you begin to – little by little, by practicing in small ways – build up proof for yourself. That you CAN do this, you CAN speak, you CAN deliver a presentation. That you CAN succeed.”

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