The C Word, Episode 7 – Confidence on Demand

image of Magalie, and the caption "4 Tools to Access Confidence"

What if You Could Access Confidence on Demand?

As I continue to deliver leadership development programs, I’ve noticed the similarities and differences of successful leaders. And the one theme that transcends titles, background, experience, roles, and even identity, is confidence (or lack thereof). But what if there was a way to access confidence on demand, wherever you are in your career journey?

Who This is For

We’ve worked with executives and teams at every level of leadership, from a plethora of backgrounds, and in EVERY case, they’ve shared their struggles with conquering fear and accessing confidence. So wherever you are in your career journey, you may find yourself in a place where you are experiencing strong doubt about your ability or knowledge. Know that this may be due to an impending levelling up, there are techniques to navigate those times, and that you are not alone in that experience.

How to Activate Confidence on Demand

In this poignant episode of The C Word, you’ll learn how to consistently access confidence on demand. By implementing the 4 tools I outline, you will develop a bulletproof sense of confidence – in your career and in your life!

Watch the seventh video in The C Word miniseries:

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  • Episode intro… [0:00]
  • On the possibility of on-demand confidence… [0:13]
  • On accessing radical self-compassion… [0:56]
  • On seeing fear as a tool… [2:05]
  • On confidence-building actions… [2:46]
  • On practicing what works… [2:47]
  • On working with Workplace Catalyst… [3:24]

Video Highlight:

“Accessing confidence on demand is very possible. I know that for those of you that have challenges and struggle with feeling confident, it might feel like a ‘pie-in-the-sky’ idea, that you could just reach out somehow and access your confidence. But you can! You could do that at anytime!”

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