The C Word, Episode 8 – Redefine Success to Avoid Burnout

image of Magalie and the episode title, Beating burnout is the wrong goal

Redefine Success to Avoid Burnout

Avoiding burnout is NOT the goal — and here’s why. Even if you beat burnout, you may still be left feeling uninspired, unmotivated, and just barely getting by. If your goal is to thrive and experience a sense of fulfillment, we’ve got 3 hacks for you to up the ante! Not only will they help you avoid burnout, they’ll also keep you feeling good as you do the work of leading.

The Danger of Focusing on Perfection

If you’re a high achiever, if you are hyper-focused on success in your career, you may find yourself lacking the energy or motivation to get over the finish line. It is quite possible that you will experience an emotional, psychological or physical breakdown when perfection is your primary goal. Because guess what? Perfection is not possible! You will wear yourself down not only because you are not maintaining balance in your goals, you are likely also beating yourself up along the way for every time you feel you miss the mark. There’s another way.

How to Maintain Success Over the Long Haul

In this episode, I break down 3 distinct techniques that will be having you maintaining success – for the long haul and on your terms! All three are not only game-changing, they are team-changing if applied globally. Once you master these hacks, you can begin to implement them with your team to generate energy and success throughout your organization.

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  • Episode intro… [0:00]
  • On reframing the conversation of success… [0:16]
  • On sustaining success… [1:05]
  • On bridging tangible and intangible goals… [1:46]
  • On progress over perfection… [2:35]
  • On the power of acknowledgment… [3:21]
  • On empowering your teams… [4:35]
  • On working with Workplace Catalyst… [5:18]

Video Highlight:

“How do we make success something that generates energy, that sustains you? We do it by bridging the tangible and intangible goals. We have to have tangible and intangible goals, because true success excites and motivates. It doesn’t deplete or exhaust. So if you feel depleted or exhausted, I promise you there is something missing – either you’re focusing too much on the tangible goals or you’re focusing too much on the intangible goals. You’ve got to have both.”

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