Femininity & Understanding Men | Venus and Mars Podcast, Episode 17

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Magalie and Anya Talk About Femininity & Understanding Men

I speak on Confidence and Compassion for a living, but I’m never having more fun than when I’m chatting it up with friends on the topics they’re passionate about! I recently joined my friend Anya Shakhmeyster on her Venus and Mars podcast and the topic was soooo juicy!! The intimate eye-opening conversation about how we’re both only just learning the true meaning of femininity is out now. Don’t miss it – it’s a good one!

What We Discussed on This Episode

On this episode, we dove into:

– how the term “femininity” has been minimized, vilified, distorted, and repackaged in unhelpful ways (sometimes an oldie is actually a goodie)

– how balance can only be achieved when the masculine and feminine aren’t competing (and don’t ever need to)

– fun stories about dating and relating in this modern, sometimes confusing, world

– and how awesome men are! 

What Blocks Women From Receiving?

Receiving is one of the foundational pillars of femininity, yet so many women find this so hard. The truth is: when women find more of their femininity, they begin to see men with greater appreciation and compassion.

How Awesome are Men?!

Men – the way you show up for us is awesome. Thank you. The masculine propensity towards support and generosity is unmatched. If you want to deepen your understanding of masculine and feminine energy and how the balance (or imbalance) of the two influence different areas of your life, listen to Anya Shakh’s podcast.

A highlight from the podcast on femininity:

“The overdoing, the over-nurturing, the over-calling, because you need to prove that you’re good enough. In all of that, what women are actually doing is blocking. It’s like we’re holding a stop sign up to every guy that wants to give us everything we’ve ever wanted.”

Listen here to get more insights!

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