Watch Me LIVE at the Power to Fly Diversity Summit!

My Next Live Appearance

March 6-10, 2023, I’m proud to join the ranks of prior notable speakers Valerie Jarrett, Arianna Huffington, and Donna Brazile at Power to Fly’s flagship summit, Diversity Reboot 2023: What We Know, What We’re Learning!

I will be delivering my signature talk on courage and Compassionate Leadership in the workplace, alongside top leaders across industries discussing the path toward a truly intersectional workplace that values diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB).

If you are a leader who works with people, this summit is for you – especially if you’re looking for ways to shift your workplace culture. 

If you are looking for your next role (or thinking about a change) and want to join a community of compassionate, forward-thinking leaders and companies, this summit is for you.

What I’ll Be Speaking On At the Summit

The word compassion is met with so much push back in corporate spaces we’ve dubbed it The “C” Word. Why does compassion have so many leaders running scared? The biggest obstacle to embracing compassion as a core element of leadership is fear. Fear that empathy will be mistaken for weakness. Fear that kindness will hinder successful outcomes. Fear that vulnerability will become a vulnerability. (All justifiable because it happens!) So, how do we be strong, effective and respected leaders when we know today’s challenges require the fresh approach of compassionate leadership? As a Compassion and Confidence expert, in this talk I will debunk the “C” Word and connect the dots between empathy, empowerment, and boundaries for those who are ready to effectively lead with compassion. After all, the future of work is compassionate.

What You Need to Know to Attend the Summit

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