You’re Meant To Stand Out! | The “C” Word | Season 2, Ep 3

How Do I Know What’s Meant For Me?

We heart-centered professionals, creatives and business owners all have hopes, desires and ambitions – some we haven’t even shared out loud. Is it just a pie-in-the-sky idea? Or is it something you’re meant to pursue?

In this episode, I share a checklist of all the hidden, unexpected, and unconventional ways you’re being pulled toward your calling or your purpose.

When to Pursue the Higher Calling

In our lives, we are inundated with advice – from our communities, peers, people we hold in high esteem – as well as our own inner voice or intuition. This can all be daunting when choosing our path, both in terms of personal and professional goals. The paramount goal is to conquer fear and get over what people think, and to trust yourself (and your ability), so you can show up powerfully and authentically. From there, we give ourselves space to create the way to what we’re meant to pursue.

What Are the Signs I’m Meant For Something More?

There are many signs that can help us lean into our purpose, help us create the life we were meant to live. Paying attention to the messages can be a critical guide to taking the next focused action, and therefore developing confidence.

Watch this episode of The C Word to find out how many of the items on the list of signs that I share pertain to you. You’re welcome. 😉

Episode 3

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  • Episode intro… [0:00]
  • Meant for something bigger… [0:11]
  • Higher calling… [2:04]
  • Love made visible… [2:20]
  • Outro… [2:47]

Video Highlight:

“…The ego is smart. And in this episode, I really want to share with you the ways that it shows up for you in sneaky ways. How smart and clever it can be to trick you into protecting yourself. There are many signs that you’re meant for something bigger.”

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